Sapphic Speakeasy is an inclusive event promotion company ran by Britain Batt and Kena Leon. It was started when Britain saw an episode of Dating Around on Netflix where Mila who lives in New York goes on a date with someone who mentions that all the lesbians in the city go to a typically "straight" bar together and make it queer. 

An "aha!" moment occurred for Britain. "Let's queer this bar!" A motto that has now expanded into "queer'ing" spaces to offer the community a safe, inclusive, and unique event.  We want to create experiences outside of what you would typically expect from a gay bar. 

Britain sent Kena a DM to be a part of Sapphic Speakeasy's first-ever live stream event as a DJ. After a very successful live stream, Britain hitting a burnout of approx. 3 months (from doing everything solo. Yikes!) and a friend (Kris Harvey) suggested partnering with Kena. Britain thought Kena was too cool and too busy to work on Sapphic Speakeasy with them. Then proceeded to wait another month before asking Kena to partner on the speakeasy. Little did they know Kena would say yes and the rest is history!

Kena has a passion for music (DJ and live music), events, and promoting queer artists (by starting Prism Night) so it was only natural that Kena joined Sapphic Speakeasy!

We hope you all will join us too! Let's queer this bar! 


Our mission is to celebrate each identity within the queer community. We are creating spaces for all queer people who feel underrepresented with the current way of showing pride. In the future, we will be bringing you events that hold inclusivity and collective happiness above all else.